Dry-ex Shell and tube evaporators
Dry-ex Shell and tube evaporators

The shell & tubes dry-ex evaporator of the EU series are used in air conditioning refrigeration and heat pump.
The standard construction of EU evaporator includes removable tube bundle with “U” bent copper tubes.

The ED and EV series evaporators with double non-removable tubesheet are designed for ammonia as refrigerant. The special finning of the inner tubes permit a better turbolence of the refrigerant which involve a reduction of the total space occupied by the evaporator.

The TSE evaporators are used for seawater cooling, for fishing boats, fishing farms and crustacean farms, or aggressive fluids that can corrode all materials except the titanium.
The characteristics of this dry-ex evaporator series are:
- The tubes can be inspected.
- Extremely low refrigerant charge (between the 0,05 and 0,1 kg/kW).
- These evaporators work with all refrigerants, ammonia and CO2 included.
- The cold can be accumulated by filling the free volume in the shell with non-freezing solution.

These evaporators can also work as condensers on reversing cycle circuit.

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