Made in Italy excellence in the cooling field

HPC-IRC designs and produces a vast array of heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

The most important Italian, European and non European industries as well as the Italian Navy all see in HPH-IRC a reliable and professional partner that's ready to satisfy the most specific needs with designs and solutions that can even be tailor-made.

Their costant research led them to develop a type of pipes with a very high heat exchange efficency, evaporators and also condensers that can work with all types of refrigerants and with an electronic power that can go up to 6000 kW.

Our strong points

A vast array of solutions
Top shelf raw materials
Design made with the best calculation codes
Pipes with high efficency heat exchange
Constant research and development of the most efficent and less cumbersome solutions
Collaborations with third parties of the field
Customer support during the designing and selling phases
Highly custom made products

Soon online the new platform where you can directly order spare parts and replacement parts for many HPH-IRC products