We have been ruling the cold for 58 years


HPH-IRC was born in the sixties and designs and produces a vast array of heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration, for air conditioning and special applications in the cooling field.

The expertise, the undisputed quality and the reliabilty of its products have made HPC-IRC an important partner for the main Italian, European and non-European industries as well as the italian Navy.

A partner which is ready to satisfy the most specific needs with designs and solutions that can also be customizable so that even the most out of the ordinary request can be satisfied.

The constant investment in the research and development of new technologies and products has led HPC-IRC to develop a type of pipes with a very high heat exchange efficency, evaporators and also condensers that can work with all types of refrigerants and with an electronic power that can go up to 6000 kW.


The base principles of the production philosophy of HPH-IRC have always been:

  • Always guarantee total professionality backed up by technical expertise, research and continuous professional updates;

  • Always respond promptly to the requests of the market and to the structural/technic needs.

  • Confer undisputed quality, technology and reliability to the product.


So that it could demonstrate and ensure a quality level in accordance to the the regulations, HPH-IRC committed itself to enhance its productive system and obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
CTM has implemented, operates and maintains a quality system as described in the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU Annex III Module H1

CTM in HPH-IRC plant, is therefore, authorized to provide the pressure equipment manufactured within the scope of the assessed quality system with CE mark and the Notified Body.


HPH-IRC is able to design and make heat exchangers which are designed following the most important calculation codes in the world:

▪  VSR rev.95 - ED 99
▪  EN 13445
▪  ASME VIII DIV 1 (C theme, R theme)
▪  AD 2000

HPH-IRC collaborates with the most valid third parties, both the ones operating on land and the ones operating in the sea:

Visit the new platform where you can directly order spare parts and replacement parts for many HPH-IRC products