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Sweden backs down on FGAS

The Swedish heat pump industry requires an exemption from the phase of the reduction of European fluorinated gases.
In a letter to the Swedish Environmental Agency, the Swedish heat pump association Svenska Kyl & Varmepumpf reningen (SKVP) supports that the heat pump industry is in a "vulnerable" situation due to the progressive elimination of the use of synthetic refrigerants.

The association requires an exemption under Article 15.4 of the EU F-Gas Regulation 517/2014 , which allows an exemption from the quota for a maximum of four years for applications, products or equipment, where the alternatives are not available or can not be used for safety reasons and / or when a supply can not be guaranteed sufficient HFC without causing disproportionate costs. SKVP claims to have always supported the phasing out principles and was aware that this would mean a lack of access to fluorinated gases with subsequent price increases. "However, recent developments have made us very concerned about the possibilities of fulfilling our environmental goals. and Swedish and European climates ", reads the letter.

Like the rest of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, heat pump manufacturers are investigating alternatives, but lower GWP refrigerants are flammable and with limited applications based on current building regulations and industry standards. " The market for fluorinated gases increased significantly during the year, in some cases with a rise of 1000% ", says the letter, signed by the SKVP CEO For Jonasson, also president of the European AREA Association. "However, it has been found that most operators in our industry, from manufacturers, wholesalers to installers, are increasingly unable to obtain the necessary amount of refrigerant to ensure equipment delivery and plant operation."

SKVP requires exemption for the products listed in the Lotto1 environmentally friendly design (boilers and heat pumps) and in lot 2 (water heater and storage tanks).


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